Sunday, 8 November 2015

Margate Theatre Club @ Journey Round My Skull

Margate Theatre Club @ Journey Round My Skull

We would like you to join us at the The Theatre Royal, Margate, on the 19th November.
A tale of a passionate and painful love affair told by a neurosurgeon.
A Journey Round My Skull is a beguiling and beautiful love story put under the surgeon’s knife. Told by a neurosurgeon who casts the audience as her silent patient, this show gently and playfully transports you to the streets of continental Europe, to a scrap over profiteroles, into neurosurgery and onto the tracks of a ghost train. With poetic storytelling and an extraordinary binaural sound design, A Journey Round My Skull operates on the ears as well as the heart to dissect our most intimate relationships.

Inspired by the auditory hallucinations experienced by satirist Frigyes Karinthy as described in his extraordinary 1938 medical memoir.
We will be meeting after the show for another Margate Theatre Club. If you came last time, please bring a friend along! 

Come as you are, with your thoughts on the show, to meet with other friendly and interested people for a post-show discussion group with a difference. 

Come if you hated it, come if you loved it, come if you know what it meant,come if it made no sense at all, come with hundreds of opinions, come if you have no idea what you think. Whatever you think about theatre, we'd love to have you.

Snacks and nibbles provided.

The show is £10, the Theatre Club afterwards is free, details and booking:

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Twitter = @MargTheatreClub

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