Thursday, 14 April 2016

Until You Hear That Bell

Until You Hear That Bell
Sean Mahoney

Thursday 28th April, 2pm
Hornets Boxing Club, Ramsgate 
Friday 29th April, 7.30pm
Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate

Friday Theatre Club Post-Show upstairs in the Finn Bar.

Told through spoken word and within timed boxing rounds, 'Until You Hear That Bell' is a story about amateur boxing and family. It's about doing something for ten years, and slowly getting good at it. Written and performed by Sean Mahoney, commissioned by and developed with Battersea Arts Centre.

Three minutes. Bell. One minute break.
Three minutes. Bell. Try to impress dad.
Three minutes. Bell. Play Sega Dreamcast.
Three minutes. Bell. Parents break up.
Three minutes. Bell. Fail your GCSEs.
Three minutes. Bell. Sing in a car.
Three minutes. Bell. Break.

“A winning performance from a skilled storyteller.” ★★★★ The Stage

“ extraordinary piece of work; funny, tragic and poignant, it turns an hour of monologue into an evening of poetic revelation.” ★★★★ Everything Theatre

A mention of this show also popped up in the email I get from Daniel Kitson - an incredibly good storyteller/comedian who was on at the Theatre Royal last winter.

"There is a show on tour at the moment that I saw last year at the Battersea Arts Centre and absolutely bloody loved. It’s by a man called Sean Mahoney and it was one of those things that I was so keen to tell people about. It’s really impressive and funny and moving and fascinating. I really liked it. I had so much time for it in more than a few ways."

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